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OKLAHOMA CITY - Five gymnastics legends will be honored May 19, 2018 in Oklahoma City when they are inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. The meeting will be the first ever US championship for OKC GymNastics.

The YMCA also has a number of community facilities that have positively impacted the lives of young people in Oklahoma City and Oklahoma State. The park has an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and outdoor volleyball courts - all year round - as well as an outdoor swimming pool.

Gymnastics is a sport known worldwide for its extreme athleticism, emotional highs and lows. Big Gym and Little Gym are home to some of the best birthday parties in Oklahoma and offer a variety of gymnastics events for children 5 years and older. Fliptastic Gymnastics is home to the Tumbling Program and a world-class gym for gymnasts of all ages and abilities. The Oklahoma City YMCA and Oklahoma State University Gymnasium operate the largest gym in Oklahoma State and offer a wide range of events and activities for children, adults and families. With our Gym-Nastics tickets, you can prepare yourself for planning your next fun - the trip to GymNastics.

At JT Gymnastics, they offer a wide range of events for children and adults of all ages and abilities, as well as a variety of gymnastics events. Among the most popular programs is the Oklahoma State University High School Team, a competitive team that travels across Oklahoma State to compete in gymnastics, including jump, balance beam, floor, jump and vaulting, and all-around.

On Jackson Street in McAlester, Oklahoma, MEGA Gymnastics offers a wide range of events for children and adults of all ages and abilities, as well as opportunities for gymnasts to move and work on their skills. Together they offer a unique opportunity to train young athletes in gymnastics, with a focus on developing their physical and mental health.

Mitch Park focuses on children's programs, and NRA Gym Supply has been selling gymnastics equipment since 1982 and has committed to providing the best equipment for gymnastics and cheerleading. Gymnastics fanatics are in the right place - to get all the Oklahoma GymNastics apparel you need to stay stylish and support your favorite sport. re a fan of gymnasts, cheerleaders, athletes, or other sports, you can enjoy the sports of tennis, golf, football, and more in Oklahoma.

Rising Star Sports, Inc., the parent company of Oklahoma GymNastics, has decided to update and simplify its membership structure to meet the increasing operating costs and continue to provide value to our members.

Dynamo Gymnastics has been operating the sports facilities since 1986 and is located on the former site of the Muskogee Sports Park on the corner of N.D. St. and S.R. Rd. and has been located since then at its current location. When the Wichita Oilers moved to Mus Kogee on June 6, 1933, they rejoined the Western League. From 1934, the facility was renamed "Athletic Park" and hosted the first professional baseball games in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Fort Smith Twins of Western Association moved from Fort Myers, Fla., to Muskogee in 1935 to complete the Muskoxgee Chiefs in their first season of existence.

In its early years, the AAU was a leading force in international sport, representing the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, China, India and the US Bowling Green State University. Muskogee Sports Park, now home to Dynamo Gymnastics, is one of the oldest sports facilities in Oklahoma State with a history of excellence.

The complex was immediately used by the community and Muskogee began playing at W.A. Owen Field, which is located between 5th Street and Boston Street. Graduates of the team went to the University of Oklahoma, where they helped build a football powerhouse unmatched in its kind. High schools became home to Oklahoma State University's football and basketball teams, as well as a number of other sports.

NORMAN - Maggie Nichols has become the first gymnast from Oklahoma to win the prestigious AAI Award, the organization announced Monday. The 21-year-old UCLA senior scored a perfect 10 in her last contest, securing her eighth consecutive Big 12 championship on February 29, 2020. Her previous record - 26-0 wins this season - was capped by a national championship - victory at the NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships in Los Angeles. Courtesy of Oklahoma Athletics The Sooners entered the UCLA-led finals rotation and took the lead with a 3-1 victory over the Bruins at the US Olympic Trials in Las Vegas on Friday night.

Olivia Trautman recently came within touching distance of a perfect jump score, and as luck would have it, Nichols' top - ranked tumble dryers are part of her family - was part of the gym's mission to improve young life through gymnastics.

With a football field, track and two grandstands, it houses more than 1,000 students from the Muskogee County school district.

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