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Welcome to Muskogee, Oklahoma, located in the Moscogee Creek Nation of Oklahoma on the western edge of the Indian Trust Area. The project will provide recommendations and related services for the sale of properties on Native American Trust Restricted Land located at Mus Creek Nation in Oklahoma.

Muskogee has two office offices serving 39,121 people, with an average of 2,000 people a day. All services in the District, including public safety, education, health care and public works, are located in the city of Muscogee, Oklahoma, on the western edge of the Indian Trust Area. The county offices and the county clerk's office are located on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue, just south of Interstate 35, on a 1.5-acre lot with a total area of about 1,200 acres. All county services, including health care, schools, police, fire, emergency services and other public services.

Muskogee is described as a residential area with a density of 417 units, slightly above the national average of 418 units per 1,000 inhabitants. The region is illustrated by the total number of units occupied by owners. The share of tenants (45.0%) is higher than in most places in the Moscow metropolitan area and it is shown that there is the highest proportion of owners - occupied units in all regions of the country.

The percentage of renters (45.0%) is higher than in most of the Muskogee area, and is expected to be higher than in Tullahassee. Compared to Oklahoma, the median property tax ($1,288) reflects the area's rent distribution, and is about three-quarters as large, but has the highest proportion of renters (35.5%), below the national average of 40.2% and the second-highest share in all Oklahoma regions. Rental prices of $810 in Moscow, also compared with Oklahoma, are about 18-2% lower, but useful for understanding affordable housing funds, and provide a frequency distribution for home prices in this area.

Muskogee is about a third the size of the United States average of 2,471, with a median property tax of $1,843 and a property tax rate of 3.5%.

If you are a real estate buyer or investor, the vacancy rate of apartments is one of the useful measures to consider. Unchecked, vacant homes and apartments in Muskogee can weigh on the property market and keep prices at levels that, if left untreated, could lead to a significant drop in the value of the property. If vacant apartments are put on the market and occupied, an appreciation rate of over 10% can be achieved over the next five years. In Moscow, the rate of appreciation is so high that, despite a nationwide housing downturn, Muskigee's real estate has continued to rise in value than most municipalities. Use our detailed "real estate filters" to find the perfect place for you right here in Oklahoma City.

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The District's UCC real estate records are kept on a server for public access and provided for informational purposes only and are provided by the Oklahoma County Court Clerk's Office of Oklahoma State Court of Appeals ("Oklahoma County Clerk") and the Oklahoma County Clerk for Public Access to County Real Estate Records ("UCC").

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More About Muskogee

More About Muskogee